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How should you dress? Dressing conservatively is always the safest route, but you should also try and do a little investigating of your prospective employer so that what you wear to the interview makes you look as though you fit in with the organization.

Finally, do you need to run out and spend a lot of money on clothes for interviewing? No, but you should make sure you have at least two professional sets of attire. You’ll need more than that, but depending on your current financial condition, two is enough to get started and you can buy more once you have the job or have more financial resources,

Hints for Dress for Success for Men and Women
Attention to details is crucial, so here are some tips for both men and women.

Make sure you have:

  • Clean and polished conservative dress shoes
  • Well-groomed hairstyle
  • Cleaned and trimmed fingernails
  • Minimal cologne or perfume
  • No visible body piercing beyond conservative ear piercing for women
  • Well-brushed teeth and fresh breath
  • No gum, candy, or other objects in your mouth
  • Minimal jewelry
  • No body odor
  • No dandruff

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