PHR, CPC – President

Getting a promotion isn’t as mysterious and difficult as most people think.

The proper combination of elements can get you the attention you deserve…and that corner office you’ve always wanted.

Here are some suggestions for your journey to success.

  1. Master your Current Job

No one promotes a person who’s mishandling his or her current position. You need the confidence, authority, and nuance of a vetran, and that means mastering the A-to-Zs of your junior position.

  1. Do Extras

Doing what’s expected of you will impress the stunt coordinator, but going the extra mile is what makes directors sit up and take notice. Your go-getterism just might ‘land’ yourself a better job next time around.

  1. Refrain From Workplace Politics and Gossip

Believe it or not, most people don’t get to the top by playing dirty. Your discretion and professionalism will be rewarded after his dismissal/sentencing/closed-casket funeral.

  1. Be Prepared and Stay Alert

Nothing says incompetence like falling asleep at the wheel. Stay sharp, expect the unexpected, and learn to duck. A good employee can adapt to a volatile work environment.

  1. Look Presentable

You won’t get promoted unless you look the part. Appearance counts. Refer to our article “Dress for Success” on proper attire.

  1. Be Patient

Some employees don’t stay with a company long enough to receive advancement. Hang in there. Sit tight and keep your eye on the prize…your time will come.

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